Running/Walking/Relay Funny Team Names

Rapid Thigh Movement
Chafed Junk
Mixed Bag of Nuts
Scrabled Legs
How the West Was Run
Lactic Acid Droppers
Hot Mother Truckers
Call Me A Cab
Dead on Arrival
More Cowbell
Strangers In The Night
Sole Sisters
Pavement Princesses
Fine Whine Too
It’s All Gouda!


Running for Shelter
Runnin’ Like We Stole Something
two thirds cute and one third ugly
Go Nads
Team Kickin’ Asphalt
For the Run of It
 Running With Scissors
Thong Distance Runners
Tears for Beers
The Quick and the Dead
The Pace Makers
Captain Underpants and the Wild Wedgies
Soleful Strutters
Road Kill Grill
Road Trash
Dead Jocks In a Box
Tater Trots
Wood to Coast
Dozen Dashing Dames
Nerd Herd
In Agony But Looking Good
Manic Mommies
A Case of Winey Women
Pushin Tushins
Drinking Team (With A Running Problem)
I Thought This Was a 5K
My Turn, Again!?!
Out Chasing Booty
Too Stupid to Stop
A Dozen Disco Divas
Dark Nights of the Sole
Tramps Like Us
Trunk Monkeys
Half Fast
Team Por Que
12 Pack O’ Whoop Ass
We’re Bringing Sexy Back!


Off Like a Prom Dress
Crazy Belles & Dead Brain Cells
Beer and GU
Smells Like Team Spirit
The NewlyWeds, the Overfeds, and the NearlyDeads
R We There Yet?
Swift Justice
Stick That In Your Funk & Wagnalls
Does This Van Make My Butt Look Big?
Slow Motion To The Ocean
Ants In The Pants
I Thought This Was a 5k!
Phat Chicks
Gently Rollin Hills My Ass
Run Like The Winded
The Brews Brothers
Charge of the Lemmings
Elvis Has Left The Van
Knights of the Buffet Table
Together We Perspire
Retired Hooters Girls
Blood, Sweat and Beers
Six Cheeks to the Wind
Molasses Man and the Raiders of the Lost Toenails
Something Wicked This Way Runs
Hood to Toast
Tight Butts and Sweaty Nuts
Dude . . . Where’s My Van?
Team Victorious Secret
Gator Bait
Terror in Meatspace
The Fast, The Slow & The Pretty
Four Score & Seven Blisters Ago
Moon Over My Hammies
Han Non-Solo
Taco Del Awesome
Original Roads Scholars
Agony of De Feet
Sole Train
The Cereal Killers
The Poor Unfortunate Soles
So You Think You Can Run?
Law and Odor
Pimp My Stride
Law & Disorder
The Young and the Wreckless
Your Pace or Mine?